Wednesday, October 26, 2022

A visit from the Prince

I have a visitor, a cat called Prince, who was with me while his owner was on holiday for a fortnight and continues to visit while his owner gets rid of a flea infestation. Fleas can last more than a fortnight without a host, and they did. 
Prince is a pretty little animal and very friendly. He is most comfortable when sitting on his human or as near as he can get and is very persistent. Start something on a table (breakfast, painting,sewing) and there he is, wanting to take part. 
I won't be sorry when the flea problem has been dealt with and I can bid a fond farewell to my house guest. 


marcellous said...

Did Prince leave behind any visitors of his own?

When we had a cat we successfully trained him not to jump up on tables etc. Sofas, chairs, beds - permitted. It helped probably that he was never a very good jumper-up. There was an exception for a kitchen bench leading to a window which he first identified as an escape route from my toddler nephew. This became a de-facto "cat flap" (if open) for him.

Elizabeth said...

Yes, Prince had to be treated for fleas while he was here and it took a while and lots of vacuuming here and at his home to get rid of them. Bit if a nightmare I wouldn't want to repeat. He went back home on Monday thankfully. His owner doesn't mind that he is an excellent jumper and very needy cuddler. I am appreciating being cat-less.