Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Hello Woolworths! How about selling loose veges?

You would think by  2020 the supermarkets would have worked out a way to sell things without packaging, especially organic veges, which are bought by folk who know the problems  caused by packaging.

At the supermarket this morning the woman working at the checkout counter couldn't get her reader to read the barcode. She asked me to read out the very small numbers she had to use instead. She complemened me on my eyesight and I said I wouldn't have been able to read the code without glasses. It turned out that she had had some glasses which had cost her $600, but she'd left them at the till for 2 minutes and someone had pinched them.  Really some people are swine.

I can't help thinking about this woman. She was older and would have had to work a long time at the Supermarket to save for them. She said she was not going to buy a replacement.

Wednesday, January 01, 2020

2020 - may it be a year of big changes

I blog from bushfire surrounded Sydney where there was a big fireworks display last night, despite protests. It could have been a watershed.moment, a moment to tell the world 'we have got to get serious about climate change, but our leaders are lacking in imagination and integrity.

My twitter feed reflects a people pushed to the brink.

While Scott Morrison PM parties at Kirribilli house the nation burned. Tex called him out: