Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Window frames

Now the floors are done, I am moving on to the window frames which need attention.
The windows are divided into larger and smaller panes. Painting them is a smaller or larger pain (inverse proportion!)
In places the outside peach colour had been used internally and the first coat of paint barely disguises it. It looks as if they will need three coats (even larger pain).

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Floor polished with Livos Kunos Oil

I had thought that a floor treated with Kunos oil might look a bit 'old', but the floor is now oiled and it does not look old at all. It shines and glows and is as happy as wood can be when it is well cared for. It was definitely worth the effort of finding a floor polisher who would work with this product instead of slapping on toxic polyurethane.

Interestingly, the floor polisher told me that architects are increasingly recommending products such as this but their clients have not kept up. They want shine and they want it now and don't realise that some of the products used in Australia are banned elsewhere and off-gas for 5 years. I am very pleased the previous owners did not do a cheap and nasty job before selling the house.

Friday, March 04, 2011

Good fairies

Today the Painting and Technologies class started at the National Art School but after waiting so long to get into this class I discover after the first lesson that I have mixed feelings about it.

Partly it has to do with the environment.  The fellow behind me in the class today slapped turps over his paper as if his lungs (and ours) are impervious to harm but I know too many painters who have died of solvent poisoning to be relaxed painting in a room full of fumes.

Partly it has to do with my learning expectations. I discover that I know more about the subject than I realised so it less interesting than I expected.  I can see the course will help me fills the gaps in my oil/acrylic knowledge but my overwhelming feeling tonight is that I have been undervaluing my years of painting practise.

How lucky I am an (accidental) ceramics major. Ceramics is something I really knew nothing about so the learning experience has been exciting and rewarding.

I had my eye on the wrong ball, but luckily my good fairies have been looking after me regardless.