Monday, March 24, 2008

Lost Gypsy Gallery

At Papatowai in the southern verge of the Caitlins you can't go past the green bus called the Lost Gypsy Gallery. It is one of a kind.

Already at the front door you can tell this is no ordinary bus. The pungas are carved with koru shapes an skeletons ride on old bits of bicycle. At the foot of the steps to the bus is a push button mounted on a wooden plank with the words "Life is full of temptations. This button is one of them." Most people consider a while before giving in to temptation to push the button. A thin steam of water showers the pusher.
Blair Somerville sits in his green bus, the Lost Gypsy Gallery, and works away at this little wonders. They are part physics, part engineering and mostly humour. Once you are in the bus it is hard to escape as there are ever more little gizmos with winding handles to try out. Little feet walk or push along balls as you wind; a train winds around a track on the wall and sets off a series of little lights as it passes. As visitors chortle and experiment you feel Blair's enjoyment emanating from the little attached room where he works. He seems to have found the perfect opt-out employment, although one suspects he never opted-in in the first place.
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Papatowai in the Caitlins

The flat calm river near Papatowai reflects the hills and vegetation.


The view from the Papatowai Hilltops Backpackers. It is a great place to stay, even without the views.

After rain in the night the roses at the back door are heavy with water droplets.


Saturday, March 15, 2008

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Space Invaders

Here is a treat for all those who like, or even those who never liked, computer games.

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