Saturday, February 17, 2018

Bibeau and his Bass

Maxime Bibeau's bass was built in 1581 and glows from the stage
Yesterday bassist Maxime Bibeau celebrated 20 Years with the Australian Chamber Orchestra by playing the most wonderful commissioned work by Missy Mazzoli called Dark with Excessive Bright. The bass is seldom seen at the front of the stage, but that may change as this Mazzoli piece is such a pleasure to listen to and may well become an orchestral favorite.

Another future favorite might be Tognetti's arrangement of the Brahm's Sextet #2 in G Major for 30 instruments. Students from the Australian National Academy of Music joined the ACO to play this arrangement and it was inspiring to hear them galloping along with the ACO.

Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Sydney Opera House in colour

Sydney Opera House in colour(s)
Before the advent of the Vivid Festival in Sydney it was unusual to see the Sydney opera house clothed in colour, but once you see the festival's startlingly vivid colours on the opera house sails, they are not easily forgotten.

I have been manipulating some opera house etchings made in Dunedin and the photo app on my phone has kindly made a collage of them for me (above). They are not as vivid (some would say garish) as the festival lights but there is something nice about a coloured etching.

Thursday, February 01, 2018

New studio space

This blog has been neglected of late for several reasons.

In early January I slipped (in Sydney) on an outdoor mat and fell heavily onto a brick pathway, fortunately not knocking my head or breaking any bones, but pulling some groin muscles (excruciating) and bruising some bones. I couldn't sit down for most of January and hobbled on a stick. I watched others walking, wondering at the ease with which they stepped over obstacles.  I also noticed how many people have limps. While incapacitated I read lots of books and overdosed on social media. I was extraordinarily fortunate in that my son had just arrived in Sydney on his way to my place for six weeks. I asked myself how others in similar situations manage at home.

While he was here my son put in a new back fence and converted my garage into a studio/guest room. It will be lovely space once finished, probably more livable than the house as it is so well insulated. The price of new windows ($500-1500) drove us to search local recycling yards and we found a window, bigger than those we priced, for $150.  There were a few delivery dramas but it did eventually arrive on the day my son was leaving, so he just had time to install it. Yay for that.

High ceiling

Another reason for my blogging negligence has been a manuscript I have been working on for ages and with increasing perseverance over the past six months. I finally submitted it to a publisher today and I feel as if I have been let out of school. Suddenly I can blog again and take up those many art or craft projects that have been waiting for action. By the time I hear back from the publisher (they estimate 3 months) I will probably have forgotten all about the manuscript.