Thursday, December 03, 2015

Six year olds in conversation

I am in Sydney on an impromptu babysitting mission.  Six year old Sophia and her friend Elisabetta have dressed up in their party clothes and are  having a picnic in the back yard. 

Elisabetta lives in the house behind and they visit each other by slipping through the fence. They keep each other entertained which makes it very easy for the babysitter. Sophia's brother is hiding in his mums room playing computer and her much older sister has disappeared upstairs to dry her hair which she has just dyed black.
Sophia and Elisabetta have their umbrella up
"I felt a raindrop" I hear one of them say.
Then they rush inside to the bathroom. One is inside the bathroom and one outside. It is a seldom pleasure listening to the conversation of two six year olds.

Sophia (in the bathroom) has instructed Elisabetta to get paper and textas so they can communicate with each other by passing notes under the door. Both of them are in kindy and just learning to write. 
"They're in the living room, you know, in that small drawer," comes the voice from the bathroom.
"Yes, I know!"
 There is the sound of running back and forth along the passage as Elisabetta searches for textas that work.
(The babysitter thinks, this is better than the movies)
" Don't forget yellow" comes a voice from the bathroom.
"Oh I didn't hear. I'll go and get yellow."
Bang bang bang, the feet run down the passage again.
"I have the yellow!"
"Are you nearly finished writing? "
Elisabetta hums to herself.
"Are you done?"
"Very very very nearly."
"Are you done???"
"Very almost!"
"Very very almost?"
"Yes, very very almost!"
"Are you done?"
"Very very very very very very very very very almost"
"Hmmmm. "
 "I'm waiting!"
" The last number, umm no, ... the second last number in the universe almost!"
" I bet you are having some very hard work!"
" Now I'm the last number in the universe almost done!"
Then there is the noise of paper being shoved under door.
" Oh! That's what it looks like. Orange black and yellow!? "
" Its the cat!"
"We're marching, marching, marching with the flag up!" sings Elisabetta. "It's the cat!"

Then the bathroom door opens and there is a clattter of feet as they run outside again.
I sneak a look at the paper they left behind.
Yes, its the cat. Orange black and yellow.  And pink.
I pick it up and attach it to the fridge.

six year olds

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