Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Prison Fantasy

My photography project is morphing with time.

First I decided to photograph house doors and make a social commentary on Dunedin with door photos.

But Dunedin has some very fine public buildings and as I viewed them through the lens I decided to concentrate on public buildings instead.

Then I discovered that the building opposite the station, a lovely old building in red brick built in 1896, was the Dunedin Prison so I decided to concentrate on that. It has had a varied history - from women's prison to remand centre to male prison and as far as I can tell it still houses nearly 60 medium term prisoners. Not for long though, as a new prison is being built south of Dunedin.

Then we had a lecture on photo manipulation, and my photos are morphing still.

Here is one of my products. This one is called 'Prison Fantasy'. If you can guess what you see through the door, add a comment and I will let you know if you are right.


Anonymous said...

Hi Elizabeth! I love the photo and even though it is a prison I would like to believe that looking through the door I would find a courtyard garden, where prisoners and families can relax. Cheers Martina

Elizabeth said...

You hit it on the head Martina. It is indeed a type of courtyard and prisoners could relax there.
What you see through the prison door is actually the forecourt of the Festspielhouse in Bayreuth. If I go to prison, I want to go to this one!

Anonymous said...

Great photo Bunty!

Anonymous said...

This is clearly a prison for disturbed families. It already houses a very disturbed lot who go by the name of Wagner. They can't get on with each other, refuse to listen to any advice from outsiders, put on the strangest productions behind the door behind the door, but against all this is some of the most glorious music ever written.

Elizabeth said...

Ah yes ... how right you are ... Zum Raum wird hier die Zeit.