Saturday, May 18, 2013

Patonga to Pearl Beach

There is nothing like a bush walk to revive the spirits. Near where I live is a particularly pleasant one, the walk over the hill between Patonga and Pearl Beach. It is easy walking because it is mostly along fire trails (roads built for access in case of fire.)
Fire trail walkway
Bush turkeys crossing the path
You climb up and up and at the top of the hill are two small paths leading to the edge of the cliff where you look out over the mouth of the Hawkesbury River.
Path from fire trail to lookout
At the end of the path the ocean is reflected in the morning puddles.

South east - the mouth of the Hawkesbury River
Looking  west

The views are spectacular, my phone camera doesn't do them justice.  You feel as if you are a million miles from habitation but over that hill to the south is Sydney and that the peninsular you see stretching out into the sea to the west is Palm Beach. Very close to habitation after all.
Pearl Beach, Patonga and, across the water, Palm Beach, are top right.

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digitalliz said...

We won't forget the two wonderful walks we did; the first on a cloudy and grey day - somehow melancholic; the second in brilliant hot sunshine with sparkling water below. It is so hard to believe a major metropolis is just over the hills.