Wednesday, January 09, 2019


Blueberries taste so sweet when they are from your own garden
My blueberry bush is still tiny, but over the past two weeks whenever I've walked by I have eaten a few blueberries. Today there was a whole handful ready for picking.

Small bushes planted on poor sandy soil can be  surprisingly productive. I planted a loganberry vine 18 months ago. Last summer it bore about 20 fruit but this year it was covered with fruit. I had so many loganberries I made a kilo of them into jam.
Loganberry jam

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Liz said...

One of life's pleasures is harvesting one's own fruit and veges - for 3 years we have made crab-apple jelly from our one tree planted 4 years ago. Sadly in Nov last year, the tree was uprooted in a major storm and despite trying to shore it up as it was full of small fruit, it could not be saved.