Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Airport sketch

I had an hour longer than expected at Melbourne airport on my way home. Staff were hurriedly lining us up to board the plane before the threatening storm arrived but they weren't quick enough. The lightening alarm went off and we were grounded.The woman next to me in the queue took a quick look at the BOM storm app and said 'Well be waiting 30 minutes, or maybe thirty five."

  It was a short but violent storm with hail blowing in through the cracks in the door.
Hail coming through cracks in the door

I said to my neighbour that I was glad to be inside and not sitting on the plane we could see through the window, unable to dock as our plane was in the way.

'Spare a thought for those in the air circling the airport,' she said opening a radar app and showing me a tight bunch of  planes hovering over Melbourne. Turned out she had once worked at the airport. (Her estimate of a 30-35 minutes wait was two minutes short.)

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