Monday, April 17, 2017

Harsh southern sun

Exposure to our harsh southern sun fades cotton materials very quickly. I made chair covers five years ago to protect my newly upholstered chairs from children's messes but it turned out the children were not a problem but rather our harsh sunlight was. The bright coloured cotton batiks I used faded so much the covers became unsightly.
Same material, different sun exposu
The blue dye faded almost away

This time I covered the chairs as protection against the sun. I have had new material (light coloured and sturdy) to re-cover the chairs for a while, but not the time for the project. While I waited, I used the project as a sleeping potion, falling asleep trying to figure out exactly how to cut the new cloth. A tired mind found it an insolvable problem but when I actually laid out the material this Easter weekend it turned out to be very simple. (If you are having difficulty falling asleep, try figuring out a mathematical problem.)
Try figuring out how to cover a chair - it will send you to sleep

Bright, even when the sun is not shining

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