Sunday, January 24, 2016

Still life with tomatoes

Still life with tomatoes
60.5 x 80 cm (24" x 30")
There has been a large canvas sitting on my easel for a while, but I hadn't decided what to paint on it.  Then some tomatoes and onions painted themselves onto my Brian Wood jug picture (last post) and before I knew it they had spread onto my large canvas.

Once started I couldn't stop. I painted all weekend and now have a large still life with bottles and tomatoes. The jug planted itself in the picture too and needed three bottles to balance it.
Large painting dwarfs the small one

Addendum on 4 February:the painting is still morphing. It seemed too bland so I darkened the background and foreground.

Today's picture:

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Liz said...

I prefer the little one!