Sunday, September 06, 2015

Wet wet

Green, green and wet
It is raining in Hamburg. It is raining and cold everywhere in northern Europe as a low over Sweden brings polar air and rain.

I will be spending most of the next two days on trains, travelling towards warmth (hopefully). Today I take the train from Hamburg to Salzburg, which has affordable accommodation within easy reach of the station. Salzburg is one of those rare cities where the area around main station is pleasant rather than seedy so it is a good stopover point. (Munich is also pleasant but absurdly expensive.)

On Monday I take another train, this time Austrian and climb over the Alps to Graz then on to Maribor in Slovenia.

The whole train trip is costing the grand total of 45 Euros - a 'Slovenia Special' offered by German rail. ( is a great site to use to plan your travels). The ticket allows for stopovers of 48 hours so you can take a break.

The Maribor Music Festival begins on Tuesday. With luck the rain will have passed by then.

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