Sunday, August 30, 2015

Paris: the #42 bus

I discovered buses belatedly in Paris and became in instant fan. You use the same tickets as the Metro but you stay above ground, don't have to struggle with stairs and long corridors and you see the sights as you go. I took the bus from south Paris to Gare du Nord (the station where trains leave for the north and for London) and saw all the sights I had not had time to visit during my stay.

The #42 takes you along the Champs Elysée where you catch a glimpse of the Arc d'Triump then along to Lafayette and the astonishingly ornate Opera. Paris is a living museum, everywhere you look there are grand buildings.

Gare du Nord
In the Gare du Nord there are no seats and departure tracks are only announced 15 minutes before the train departs, so the station is full of people standing around looking up at the announcement boards.

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