Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Elektra in Sydney

Christine Goerke as Elektra

Last night I a saw an electric concert performance of the opera Elektra with sopranos Christine Goerke, Lisa Gasteen and Cheryl Barker in the lead roles (Elektra, her mother Klytemnestra and her sister Chrysothemis). Stunning singing from all three ... I can't imagine a better cast. They performed with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra lead by David Robertson, their new Chief Conductor and Artistic Director.

It is wonderful to see singers of this caliber in Sydney. They can not only sing over a huge (expanded) orchestra, they can act as well. In the final scene Christine tripped over her dress and fell but she disguised it so cleverly you would never have known it wasn't a choreographed movement.

I am sure if the SSO continues to put on such treats (filling the gap left by Opera Australia)  they will continue to attract huge audiences as they did for this performance. I went to see both Elektra performances, Saturday and Monday, and I know it is imprinted on my memory forever. Go SSO!

More images are online here.

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Anonymous said...

Love the pictures. I was a bit disappointed with the sound and balance but it was nevertheless a very memorable occasion and the cast was a luxury indeed.