Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Australia's first Ring Cyclist: Elke Neidhardt

Wunder Bar and Valkyries in Heidhardt's 2004 Adelaide Ring Cycle
Elke Neidhardt, director of the first Australian Ring Cycle,  has died at 72.  A noted opera and theatre director, she produced the acclaimed 2004 Adelaide production of Wagner's Ring Cycle with the State Opera of South Australia. It was a fabulous production from beginning to end. I loved it and was one of the many who were very sorry it was never revived.

When Opera Australia  announced they would be putting on the Ring Cycle in Melbourne, they gave a talk to the Wagner Society of NSW about their plans. Not once during the rather long talk did they mention Elke Neidhardt's production in South Australia but instead spoke as if there had never been a Ring Cycle in Australia. (The Melbourne Ring Cycle is the first by Opera Australia.) Wagner society members were a bit flummoxed and one of the first questions afterwards was "What about the Adelaide Ring?"

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Yes, far too early but wunderbar indeed!