Sunday, October 20, 2013

NSW fires worsen

Firefront map
Over two hundred homes have already been lost in NSW and we are in for a scary week. Hoped for rain now looks unlikely, the fires burning in the Blue Mountains are massive and very hot temperatures and northerly winds are forecast. A few minutes ago the rural fire service published this map. The bright orange is where the fiercest fires are. My thoughts are with the residents of the Blue Mountains as all settlements are now under threat.

Greens MP Adam Bandt was criticised for tweeting that this type of ferocious fire is climate change related but today Peter FitzSimons wrote that that the Greens have been warning us all about this for decades, so why shouldn't they keep warning us?  Hear hear! We thought we could do what we wanted to the environment, but nature is proving us wrong.

At the same time as we have this massive firestorm the new Government is trying to dismantle policies that have been successful in cutting CO2 emissions and today we learn that the Government is probably going to cut clean technology grants. Makes you wonder if we deserve to survive.

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