Sunday, September 08, 2013

Not so easy is it?

Well Australia has elected a new prime minister so Kevin Rudd's second prime ministership will have been a short one. Someone commented on late night radio that Julia Gillard and Robbie Deans will be sitting back drinking chardonnay and saying "There you go guys, not so easy is it!"

A few months ago Julia Gillard was deposed by Rudd in the run up to the election after months of misogynist comment and Robbie Deans was replaced by an Australian as coach of the Wallabies after putting up with years of anti-kiwi undercurrent. Deans is a New Zealander and was referred to  as the first foreign born coach of the national team.

Last night the Wallabies lost to the Springboks 38 -12 putting them at the very bottom of the ladder.

Julia Gillard
Robbie Deans

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