Friday, July 19, 2013

New kitchen

After two weeks work the kitchen is finally finished, all except the painting.

Old kitchen
The benchtop in the original kitchen was 45cm deep, the cupboards didn't close and it was hard to get anything from the back of them even though they were not very deep; the stove was well past its use-by date and the oven heated the house like a furnace. Apart from that it was quite usable - a 'functional kitchen' in real estate agent parlance.

The new kitchen .... well what can I say! It has handles and taps that give it a slightly retro look to match the age of the house, but is otherwise quite simple ... if you can call softly closing drawers and fancy pull-out corner cupboard simple.  Next week I will paint the gyp-rock wall and picture rail, then move the fridge to its new corner spot.  

New kitchen

Retro tap (and small tap for filtered water)

Retro handles
Walls waiting for paint

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