Monday, July 08, 2013

My Ikea kitchen drama

In the first week of April I bought an Ikea kitchen and prepaid installation. A first installer came in May and a second in early June. Last week Ikea rang and said (three months later and without the hint of an apology!) that the installer was too expensive and anyway they would not install as one of the walls has asbestos in it. I had heard that Ikea had had a lot of problems with installation after their kitchen sale (they no longer offer full installation) so I think the wall is a convenient excuse. The local kitchen company tells me every kitchen in this area has fibro walls and you just have to be careful not to disturb it.

40cm kitchen base cabinet
So boo to Ikea. They don't hold to their contracts if it becomes inconvenient and I am less than impressed. My local kitchen company is going to do the job and removal is scheduled for tomorrow. Meanwhile ... I spent the weekend assembling Ikea  cupboards  and discovering how that soft-close drawer mechanism works. Pretty cool that!

Addendum: turns out I was right about my fibro wall being an excuse for Ikea. The Department of Fair Trading says that the firm subcontracting to Ikea didn't have a license to install kitchens (I had wondered why they seemed so amateurish) and have been told not to offer installation services. I had asked the Department of Fair Trading whether I was owed any compensation for the  extra costs involved for my installation. The answer was no, and I am fine with that... just happy to have a new kitchen.

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