Saturday, April 13, 2013

Pills for breakfast

Today Black Caviar (the horse) was racing at Randwick for perhaps the last time in its career. There has been so much hype about it that when I saw the woman in the big black and white hat on the early morning train I knew where she was going. She had a pretty black and white skirt, black heeled shoes that looked a little precarious, a small black clutch purse and the racing guide.
"Fancy needing only such a small purse for a day's outing", I thought with some admiration as I watched her take the seat next to mine. 
When I next glanced her way I was startled to see she had taken a large hand full of pills from her small purse and was slowly and deliberately swallowing them one by one while sipping from a boxed chocolate drink. Each pill was a different colour - they looked like vitamin and mineral pills. It used to be said there would come a time when people would be able to live from pills alone, so perhaps that was breakfast.
On the train

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