Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I need a little help

I want to combine my interests in FS/OSS, art and music and produce some material that can be used by FOSS folk. (See 2 posts below for the brief.)

What I need is some ideas and slogans that I can incorporate into art. I'd aim to publish the artwork with some sort of open license so anyone who wants to use, add to it or disseminate it can do so.

But ... I need a little help from my friends. Software patents is an issue that really gets my goat, but that is hard to sloganify. Maybe you can think of other issue ... a slogan .. a song??

To the tune of 'Tea for Two' : Gnu for Me and Me for Gnu.

Any better ideas?


Anonymous said...

Here is one idea - A global FOSS focused event that brings everyone together for a huge outreach is Software Freedom Day, and it could certainly use some artwork to draw people in to the events happening around the world. The day is both a community builder and an outreach for software freedom, and FOSS as a means to a transparent and sustainable digital future.

Good luck Elizabeth!


Jeff Waugh said...

"If I have an apple and you have an apple, and we exchange apples, we each still have one apple. But If I have an idea and you have an idea, and we exchange ideas, we each have two ideas." -- George Bernard Shaw



Elizabeth said...

Clever Mr Shaw. And if we plant the apples/ideas ...

Thanks Pia, thanks Jeff.

Anonymous said...

Posted the suggestion in Pia's blog by accident. Do'h.

"Take share and be merry". Personal fav.

Leon RJ Brooks said...

Give & win, take & win.

FOSS lottery at work?

Elizabeth said...

Thanks Pascal and Leon. I'll let you know how I go. Liked looking through your blogs.