Monday, February 19, 2007

Day 1

Last weekend I suddenly felt homesick. I missed my friends, missed Sydney. Today the tide has turned. We had our first day at school and I spent the day in the print workshop ... an excellent antidote.

The lecturer has tasked us with working up propaganda material addressing 'something that really pisses us off'. (Among the issues people nominated were child abuse, our shopaholic society, lack of a feeling of safety, pressure to look beautiful...)

My first idea is to produce material to shame the city council into doing more for the environment. In Dunedin you have to tie your newspapers into plastic shopping bags or the firm contracted to collect recyclables will not remove them. I suspect they just recycle the bottles and dump the paper in the landfill. Then you see huge truck of logs being taken to the wharf where an equally huge pile of wood chips dwarfs the boats.

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