Monday, January 22, 2007

Digesting the changes

If you had not guessed, the photos in my November logs are of Dunedin.
If you had asked me before I moved if it was possible to move countries in 10 days I would have said No, its not.
But it is ....... I know because I did it!

It is more than 6 weeks since I posted to this blog and I have been travelling most of the time since. I went back to Sydney and tied up loose ends, went to NZ North Island for Christmas then trickled on down to Dunedin via the west coast.

In the meantime I have had time to digest the sudden changes in my life. The decision to move was made quickly but I think it will turn out to be a good decision. Dunedin is a lovely spot and I am looking forward to starting my art course. Somehow I am not worried about the cold weather here. I think I must have psychologically decided that since it is the best place for me to be, the cold doesn't matter.

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