Sunday, July 23, 2006

The piper

Fish ‘n’ chips and a pint of ale. Does that sound like a good English dinner? English or not, that was my dinner and I can feel the effects of the ale. I suspect it has rather a high alcohol content.

As I guessed, it is not nearly as easy to make prints as it seems when you watch a professional. I made a monoprint of a bagpiper I saw in the town square this morning, using rather too much water I fear.

The piper had a donkey and a horse with blinkers harnessed to a wooden wagon. They stood docile as he piped for his supper and probably theirs as well. He was not a highlander but looked more like a local Shepard. Probably bagpipes are common in many places, not just in Scotland the brave.

Well, with a little (or considerable) encouragement from the ale, I will put my bagpiper online.

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