Monday, July 24, 2006

Global warming headlines

The UK Sunday Times reported today that:

The Bishop of London Richard Chartres says that it is sinful for people to contribute to climate change by flying away for holidays or using gas guzzling cars.

‘Grass is dead, long live the plastic lawn’. Plastic turf companies report a doubling of their sales last year. When drought kills your lawn, get a plastic one.

A new hormone drug are being tested that will give people the ability to brown without sunbathing. The tan protects against sunburn but the drug does have some side effects. Trialists reported feeling nauseous.

But don’t despair about global warming. There is good news too:
Britain’s original working class resort, Blackpool, is to use its bid for a super casino to inject a flavour of Dubai, the 21st century playground for the newly rich.

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