Wednesday, July 05, 2017


On Sunday I took the train to Salisbury, then a bus to Stonehenge. It was a brilliant sunny day and I was pleased I went by bus and was not one one of the people in the long queue of cars winding around the wheat fields.

One of the attractions of Stonehenge is that it is set in the field, far from a town. You can walk a couple of km through the fields to get there...or take a shuttle bus. I didn't have time for the walk but if you are planning a visit it would be a wonderful way to arrive.
Stonehenge: You can tell the size of the stones
by comparing with the people behind them

The stones are exactly as they look in the photos but being there is the thing. If I was to go again I'd aim for early morning (or evening) and take some time to walk there and then just sit there.

Some tours promote themselves by saying you'll be there before the crowds, and they have a point as this ancient site has millions of visitors. I left about 1pm by which time the ticket queue was very long.

There is a rope around the site to protect it, close enough from the stones to give you a good view but far enough to disperse the crowds. I think the National Trust does a great job of protecting the site and informing the public. There were lots of helpers

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