Sunday, July 02, 2017

London today


One of the wonderful things about London is its multicultural edge.  People from all over the world live here and Londoners themselves are from very diverse ethnic backgrounds. Here is where you really see the effects of colonialism at work.

People are friendly, helpful and kind. It's a great place to be a tourist.

It is impossible to be in London at the moment and not be aware of the politics of the place.

Flowers lie on London Bridge and bollards are strategically placed in several touristy areas.
London Bridge

Grenfell Tower is in the news all the time as is the extraordinary incompetency of the conservative council of Kensington-Chelsea in which Grenfell is situated. The council tried to hold a council meeting behind closed doors and I heard a lawyer explaining on the radio that if you want to ban the public then media presence is even more important as people have a right to know what happens in council meetings. The autocratic tendencies of this arm of government are striking and there are calls for mass resignations.

Yesterday some citizens groups staged a banner-unfurling action in support of Grenfell residents.


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