Tuesday, July 04, 2017

London sketches

I have carried my little sketchbook with me in London but haven't found many places to sit with a sketchable view.

This, though, is right up the top of the Tate Modern which is a converted power station. There are lots of girders and steel struts.
Tate Modern ceiling

Another unexpectedly quiet (well relatively quiet) place in the teaming mass of humanity around Covent Garden was the garden behind St Paul's church (not the cathedral). The outdoor space is full to the brim with weathered garden benches.

Back.of St Pauls
People squeeze between them to take a seat or lie down. I sat there and painted the wall that bounds the garden. It seemed to me a typical London scene: red brown brick, smudgy white window sills, external pipes and shutes. 
London wall

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