Friday, July 07, 2017

La Sylphide in Paris

Hugo Marchand. It's a name I had to look up when I got home but all those sitting near me at the Paris Ballet knew him and whooped when he came on stage after his performance in La Sylphide.  I suspect some went to the ballet just to see him.
Taking their bows
He was the star of the evening although I think the ballerina who danced la Sylphide was actually the main role. She was excellent, he was unforgettable.

In the Palais Garnier
It is a long time since I have been to a ballet and I didn't realise it is rather like opera where the audience will clap an aria. The ballet was a story as an excuse for a series of set pieces each of which were applauded.
Hall in the Palais Garnier
I went because it was performed in the Palais Garnier which I had seen a model of in the Musee dOrsay. It is an elaborate building with a famous ceiling by Chagall.

Palais Garnier entrance hall

The building didn't disappoint and nor did the Chagall. You couldn't wish for anything more ornate - and the ceiling is beautiful.
In fact every time you look up you see another artful ceiling.
Chagall ceiling

Ceiling in adjoining hall

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