Monday, July 03, 2017

Good things in London

Here is some of the good stuff about London:

1. There are so many diverse areas, so there is something for everyone. I have stayed in  the bit around the Thames this visit, so my comments have been about a small area.

2. You can get excellent salads in take away pots almost everywhere (or everywhere I've been) so eating good food is entirely possible, even for the tourist. The salads are inventive and tasty but expensive.n
 £1.25 for half a carrot and some houmous dip.

3. You can buy Bratwurst with Sauerkraut at the Borough Markets - something I searched for in vain in Leipzig which is awash with pizza places and Lebanese food. There are also lots of other good things at those markets like Italian Parmesan in large lumps and specialty Indian tea in the 35gm lots. (The first time I went there I was so dismayed by the grubby surroundings I didn't see any of that!)
Borough Markets are in the dead space
under a series of bridges near London Bridge.
4. Interior spaces in pubs and the like are as cosy and hospitable as their reputation. Perhaps London is really an interior city and people just use exterior spaces to get to another nice interior space?

5. Local university halls rent out rooms during uni holidays making it possible for non-millionaires to stay and see the many and varied 'sights' and musical offerings.

6. The people. But I've said that before!

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