Sunday, June 25, 2017

Leipzig- present and past

This is my favourite photo of Leipzig. It seems to encapsulate the city. Music and musicians are so much part of Leipzig but so is being lively and different.

Leipzig has many layers though. Not far from where this musician is playing are two museums devoted to the often difficult history of the city.

One of them is called the Forum - it is free and is devoted to contemporary German history since 1945. It is several stories and full of information about former East Germany and what it was like to live there.
Russian uniform (front) and East German uniform
It felt as if the city father's wanted to be sure the upcoming generation were informed of their past.

The Forum seems to be circular and is easy to get lost in. There are so many corners of video screens, displays and posters I felt rather overwhelmed. I guess I'd read a lot of it already, one way or another.

I decided a maze of DDR paraphernalia was all too much early in the morning but I couldn't find the exit and had to ask how to get out.
Stalin-at the Leipzig Forum

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