Thursday, June 29, 2017

Bicycles, kids, Hamburg

Back in Hamburg.
Bicycles in a local school
When you see children pouring out of the local Hamburg primary school on their bikes you realise what Australian children are missing. Bikes give kids a sense of control over their transport as well as being a great exercise machine. In the current cold wet weather the kids ride by in yellow waterproof capes that cover both them and their bags.

Bikes are everywhere, ridden not only by the young but by all ages including the very old.

They also pop up in unlikely places. The all-green bike below is an ad for music lessons (the red sign says "Learn an instrument " ). It stands outside the Laeiszhalle Concert Hall.

Bike locked to a rail on the steps to a shop.
In Leipzig bicyclists power along, travelling really fast along city streets, stopping at red lights with the cars, then setting off again to pedal fast when the lights change.  Bike speed probably reflects population age, as Leipzig is a university town.

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