Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Der fliegende Holländer in Frankfurt

Erika Sunnegårdh sings Senta
I saw the Flying Dutchman in Frankfurt on Thursday. It was a very satisfying performance.  The costumes and set design were timeless, the costumes just old fashioned enough and the set chaotic enough to fit into several epochs, so instead of thinking about them you listen to the music. I can't think of a better recommendation for an opera production. The set designer's master stroke was a gigantic revolving propeller which appeared as a backdrop whenever the ghost ship was about.

All the singers did credit to their roles. 

Erika Sunnegårdh was a marvelous Senta. Some years ago I took part in a crowdfunding project which was started to enable her to make a CD so I was interested to see her on stage. I discovered that she can act as well as sing and the role of Senta suits her voice. She was a delight to watch.

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