Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Wellington, then north

Wellington, NZ
Wellington was cold this morning as I drove through the city glass and concrete. It was both cold and windy, though not as bad as Saturday's squally weather, but despite the weather the city was as pretty as it always is.

Pale green water, blue hills, dark olive foliage.
Wellington Harbour
New Zealand has such stunning scenery and I love being back. The trip north from Wellington is a trip down memory lane for me because I studied in Wellington when I was a late teenager and took the trip home by bus several times a year. My parents must have driven down with me sometimes because I remember having picnics at Plimmerton  overlooking the inlet there before the last leg on to Wellington.
The seashore at Paekakariki

By the time I got over the hill to Paekakariki on the west coast the clouds were receding. The sun shone on the water and my feet started to unfreeze.

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