Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Turangi to New Plymouth

The tourist information service in Turangi told me not to travel too early when I took the route from Turangi to Tauramanui as the road had tall trees on both sides and was often icy.
Turangi to Taumeranui: national park
I waited until 10am before setting off, imagining a route through forestry plantations of tall pines. Instead of plantations, the route is through national parks and the trees so much more interesting than pines.

The advice about ice was good advice. Right along the route bright red signs warned against slippery conditions in cold weather.

Further along the route passes through country that looks like a sea of camels ... lots of humpy hills. I couldn't help but think how wonderful it would be if some of the more marginal farm land was allowed to revert to bush. It seemed so forlorn. Later I saw a painting by Dick Frizzel that illustrated my thoughts as I drove to New Plymouth.

On the forest road to the headwaters of the Tarawera River by Dick Frizzel 1987.

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