Thursday, April 07, 2016

Aix in Melbourne

I have been very surprised to find that many Melbourne baristas don't know what coffee beans they are using. I am one of that percentage of the population who cannot digest robusta coffee, so I always ask whether the Cafe uses 100% arabica beans or a mixture of arabica and robusta.

Arabica beans are generally higher quality but they are also more expensive so cheaper c
coffee is often padded out with robusta beans. In St Kilda yesterday many of those making coffee looked at me as if I was talking double Dutch.
Aix in Melbourne

Aix menu

In the city this morning two Cafes  said they used 'a blend' but had no information about the beans but then I found one that immediately said "100% arabica - I can show you the packet!" - so that was where I stopped. It was a tiny place called Aix in a Melbourne laneway and it specialised in bagettes and crepes. Although the cafe was only a couple of meters wide with seating for 10-12 people at most, there were 5 staff and they did a brisk trade. They were a friendly crew. I think I have found 'my' Melbourne Cafe.

Il piccolo posto

Addendum on 9 April: I found an excellent coffee in St Kilda today. There is a cafe tucked away behind the St Kilda tram stop called Il Piccolo Posto which has tables out in the sun, friendly hosts and 100% arabica coffee.

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