Sunday, January 03, 2016

Exhibition at Gnostic Manor in Woy Woy

Phew ... 30 paintings hung in two hours. The Gnostic Manor Cafe has a proper hanging system but a very overworked one, with hooks that are sometimes dodgy or non-functional.

Hanging 30 paintings under these circumstances is difficult, let alone in two hours. But they are up and they look fine.

Yachts and swimmers.

Swimmers 1
I think the yachts will be more popular - but you never know. The cafe owner liked the swimmers (as do I).

They have a three dimensional look as I painted swim suits on life drawings and sewed them onto existing paintings.

I have written on the labels that 50% of the proceeds goes to charity (buyers can choose between Surf lifesavers, Bob Brown Foundation, Amnesty International and Medicin Sans Frontier) and today the cafe owner said that in that case they will not take their normal 30% commission. I thought that was pretty nice.

The exhibition is up until 31 January, so if you are reading this and within cooee of Woy Woy, drop in for a look!

(Swimmers on my website.)

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Liz said...

I absolutely love the swimmers!