Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Christmas Lights

My neighbours across the road take their Christmas display seriously, touring America to see what is available and spending lots of time in planning. On 1st November they cover their fish pond, move some plants and start installing the lights then on 1 December comes the big 'turn on' celebration. Every evening thereafter they bring out the deck chairs and sit admiring their handiwork and chatting with the people who come to see the show. 
I used to be rather dismissive of such displays but I have seen all the people who bring their children for a look and now I view it as an example of a 'public good'. (See the Christmas trees sing in the video below)

Just lucky for me though that Christmas comes only once a year.

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Liz said...

Fond memories of seeing this show several years ago and the fake snow blowing over the road! Seems so incongruous but fun to watch the smiles on everyone's faces!