Saturday, November 28, 2015

Voting on a new NZ Flag

Today I got to vote on the new New Zealand flag. I love the fact that my birth country includes me in these decisions even though I don't live there.  I do visit regularly though and that counts. 

My favourite flags of this lot are the Koru design in the middle and the triangles flag which was included only after the public had complained about the selection made by the committee. All the others look like marketing icons to me.

Addendum on 11/12/15: the first results are out and the first flag on the left got the most votes. The Koru got the least but I still like it best. I am glad the flag far right didn't get the Guernsey as I like it the least. The next vote is in March 2016 and we will choose between the preferred flag of this lot and the current NZ flag which is very similar to it but has a union jack instead of fern leaf.

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Liz said...

I, for the first time in a referendum didn't vote because I simply did not like any of the choices sufficiently to choose one although I can see why you had a preference for the black and white koru. The choices were thrust upon us by a panel lacking background in anything remotely artistic or design oriented. I also thought the referendum was the wrong way round - we should have been asked firstly if we wanted to change the NZ flag and I would have ticked YES. In the second referendum I would have wanted to see at least 20 designs to choose from and then chosen one.
It will be interesting to see the result.