Friday, November 27, 2015

Adele Horin

There are not many journalists who blog from their hospital bed after a major brain operation but Adele Horin was one of them. She blogged about how wonderful the staff were in public hospitals and how we must make sure they get the support they deserve.
Adele Horin (Sydney Morning Herald photo)

I had been captured by Adele when she was a staff writer for the Sydney morning Herald in the eighties and had always looked forward to her articles as they were compassionate, full of good sense and they 'spoke truth to power'. Such a combination is hard to find.

Adele continued writing after she left her newspaper job, but this time as a blog. After that post from the hospital room we readers held our breaths for her and hoped that the lengthy silence that followed was not an auger of worsening health.

Then came another post about a week ago and it was true Adele. She wrote that she was loosing the battle but then she listed all the ways she felt she had been lucky in life. What a woman. A few days later we heard of her untimely death. She was sixty four years old.

I only knew Adele Horin through her writing but she enriched my life and I will miss her. I am one of many many thousands who are mourning her passing. Vale Adele Horin.

(You can find her blog post on my blog list below.)
(Adele - an obit)

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