Sunday, October 18, 2015

Sydney Opera House: oh the acoustics

I saw the Sydney Symphony, with choir and soloists perform Beethoven's Missa Solemnis last night. The choir was at least 100 strong and the orchestra a similar number, but the sound they made seemed to disappear into the walls of the building.  The ethereal quality of music disappears  - you can see the many musicians, but not hear them properly From my very back seat at Munich Opera House recently I heard more than from my seventh row seat in the Sydney opera house last night.   Very frustrating.

I couldn't help thinking as I listened last night how disheartening it must be for the musicians to play/sing in a hall with such inferior acoustics. It is high time we had another national lotto to collect funds to rectify the opera house interior and make it worthy of its stunning exterior.

Crowds still there at 10pm
The acoustics outside seem to be better than inside. Once there were only a few tables along the walkway and two food shops but both shops and tables have been steadily increasing and nowadays the convivial crowds can be heard from afar as you approach. It is a convenient place to meet your friends - and oh what a view. No wonder it is popular.

As night falls a band and singer entertain the gathered throng, so after your show in the opera house you could, if you were so inclined, listen to another one outside.

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