Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Dessert with the lutenist

Dessert with the lutenist
I looked through the photos the photographer Dejan Bulut took at the Maribor festival and found one with expert lutenist Axel Wolf. We were at the post-concert reception held on about the third night of the festival, sitting on a period sofa eating dessert. We're looking very relaxed - thank you Dejan.

I am wearing my bright pink backpack with art materials that I seldom take off in Maribor. It was such a fun time and looking through Dejan's photos reminded me of what a pleasure it had been to be there.

Below is another photo by Dejan, one of the building where the reception was held. Also a  sketch I made of Axel playing with the orchestra (center right).
Photo: Dejan Bulut
Rehearsal at Maribor

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