Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Colour and psychology

Why is it that colours have a different effect on different people? My predecessor in this house had a pretty two-tone blue bedroom and although I knew it didn't work for me I was surprised at the effect when I repainted it white. It was as if a physical burden had been lifted from me.  She had obviously not felt it that way so the effect of colours can't be universal.

Yellow 'patchwork' curtains
(with Stuart Skelton singing on the wall)
This experience resulted in me taking my colour instincts more seriously. Recently I bought dark brown cotton curtains to replace the 1970s yellow patchwork curtains in the east facing guest bedroom which gets very bright morning light.  But I found them very gloomy and today I have replaced them with some new bright yellow patchwork-type curtains.

I don't know exactly why, but I feel uplifted now when I pass the room and see the yellow light shining there again. Maybe the brown curtains will make a classy brown jacket?

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Liz said...

It is an interesting subject. The curtains throughout our new house were all second-hand cream with an embossed pattern. Innocuous enough, yet strangely cold. I bought a bolt of cream and yellow/gold pinstripe curtain material and made replacement curtains. The change was amazing and it was all about the colour and pattern. Go yellow!