Thursday, September 10, 2015

Last leg on the way to the Maribor Music Festival

Looking towards Graz
Looking towards Maribor
I arrived at the border crossing between Austria and Slovenia by S-Bahn this year and once it had trundled back towards Graz I was alone on the platform.  I had a 30 minute wait and it was so quiet that if I hadn't made this crossing before I would have wondered the station had been abandoned. It isn't long ago that this border was between the capitalist west and Communist East, but you would never know it now.

Eventually the Slovenian train arrived and I hoisted my bag up the steep steps of one of the 3 carriages. There must have been a waiting room in the station because two other people clambered in as well. When I saw one of them stash two musical instrument boxes next to the seat I knew I was on the right train. Off to the Music Festival!
Stashed musical instruments

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