Thursday, August 13, 2015

Multi-tasking with Siegfried and Parsifal

ABC Classic FM is playing the Ring Cycle this week, courtesy of Bayerische Rundfunk (Bayern Radio) which announces each evening in three languages. Tonight is night three and Siegfried is singing his heart out. He has just discovered the wood bird as I write. The music under the direction of Kyril Petrenko is fantastic and well paced. No wonder the Berlin Philharmonic chose him as their next music director. He takes over from Simon Rattle and I think he will be equally successful. Lucky Berlin Philharmonic.

Next week I will be traveling and as I listen to Siegfried I am transferring some opera DVDs to a microSD card to take with me and watch on the way. It takes a while as you have to reformat them. First I tried transferring direct but the only one that worked was a Bolshoi recording of Tchaikovsky's Queens of Spades. Copyright protection was the problem with the others so I had to search around the internet to find a way to fix that and now my computer is working hard with the transfer. (Bravo Bolshoi on making their work accessible!)

Currently DVD#2 of Parsifal is being transferred and as Siegfried and the wood bird sing to each other I watch to make sure the computer doesn't turn itself off mid-transfer. I am knitting as I watch.

Surely that is multi-tasking?  I read that you can only do one thing really well when you multi-task, and for me that is currently listening to Siegfried. Everything else is on automatic.

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