Sunday, May 03, 2015

Microsoft's "How Old am I?"

Microsoft has developed a tool that estimates how old you are by analysing your photo. The result is posted with an apology if they got your age or gender wrong. 

I wondered what the program thought about the age of some of the people in my paintings. The results are amusing (or not so amusing!)
A 31 year old in fairy wings!
Will the children still act like this
when the younger is 22?
Well, I knew I had made her look
older than she is, but does she
look this old?
Sweet 14, plus a few years

Seems as if the longer I fiddle,
the younger my subjects get.
About right I would think

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Rethink Street said...

That's really interesting. And I love the women in red ... I especially like how you've shown the progression. Thanks!