Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Subtropical temperate cyclone

Is this the new norm in our climate-changed world? Ferocious winds and driving rain, that's the NSW Central Coast right now. Trees being blown over or ripped apart, a hundred thousand without power, trains not running and people being asked to stay home if they don't have to be at work. This morning I had to mop up water driven in through closed windows, well around closed windows more accurately, by the gale force winds.
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The big gum tree on the street in front of the house has had several branches blown off. Falling branches make a sickening thud and I am almost afraid to look out the window to see if there is other damage when I hear one fall.

But I am counting my blessings as I still have power and the house is standing. The damage is very extensive right across Sydney and surrounds, with fallen trees damaging cars and homes, boats smashed against seawalls and, further north, homes swept away in floods.

I never discarded my yellow bike gear used in Hamburg and on days like this I am happy I still have it.  I used it to keep dry as I rescued the rubbish bins that had been blown over. The lids had been blown off them and clear across the street.The weather is still so bad I don't dare stay out for fear of more falling branches.

Yellow plastic rain gear
The weather bureau says we are in for another wild night. I am crossing my fingers that the big gum tree that has had several branches blown off stays standing.

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