Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Whales frolic nearby

Whale with baby (image from Wikipedia)
I have just seen a live whale. It is swimming with a mate off my local beach in NSW as I write. Word gets around quickly (my neighbour told me) and when I drove up the hill a lot of cars were stopping at good vantage points for a look. You could see the whales from the beach as well, but perhaps not as easily.

The enormous bodies looked more like floating sand bars than animals. Watching the slow rise and fall of an concessional tail or fin made me think how talented photographers are to get pictures of wales above the water.They must wait a long time for the right shot.

As I watched I remembered seeing a whale off Nambucca Heads about 30 years ago. Or perhaps I dreamed that. I do know that we stood on a lookout waiting for the whale to surface but I no longer remember if I saw it surface or if my memory has been mixed with photos I  have seen. Memory is like that, not always infallible.

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