Thursday, May 15, 2014

Lukáš Vondráček

He looks such a happy fellow, hair slicked down, walking rather shyly onto the stage, smiling a welcome to the audience.
Lukáš Vondráček on Monday night at
the City Recital Center in Sydney
Then he sits down, collects his thoughts, lifts his hands to the piano ... and suddenly the music just erupts from the instrument.

Lukáš Vondráček's concentration while he plays is extraordinary. I found myself thinking of what he must be seeing: piano keys, hands and nothing else. He plays as if his life depends on it. His audience feels the urgency and is dead quiet.

He plays Haydn, Rachmaninoff, Brahms.

When each piece is finished and Vondráček comes up for air he looks as dazed as we all feel.  He stands up, sways a bit as he collects himself, smiles sweetly again at the audience and walks in his lilting way out the door.

What a performer!

[I was so energised after seeing Vondráček play that I worked away online until past midnight ... as you can see from the time stamp on my Conchita Wurst post.]

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